Transmission Distribution Networks


You may be looking to link your Studio to a Hilltop Transmission site, or to expand your service from a single Metropolitan location to near-National coverage, or to set up a secure Wide Area Network or a simple point to point connection for a remote broadcast, in any case we are the people to talk to.


We can guide you through every stage from initial planning through critical path analysis to licensing and implementation. We  can advise you on all the options open to you, employing leading edge solutions. With our diverse knowledge and experience we can introduce you to products and services you may not have already considered.


Simple UHF analogue STLs, for community radio stations, Microwave High Bandwidth Data Links for WANs, Full duplex Satellite Distribution for National and regional Broadcasters – just look at our track record!


When Dublin based talk radio station Newstalk106 went national they came to us to roll out a full Satellite Distribution network. Starting from scratch to the fully implemented system took less than 3 Months – and that included commissioning the FM transmitters on all 23 sites! From a purpose build Teleport we not only distribute digital quality audio, but receive telemetry from the remote sites.

Just imagine what we could do for you!