About BTS

BTS was incorporated in 1990 and is now in its 30th year of business. We are the longest established & most reputable broadcast engineering company serving the technical needs of the Irish Radio Broadcast Industry.  Based at our HQ offices in Bluebell, Dublin, BTS are the only company to operate a regional engineering division, based in Limerick and staffed by our regional broadcast engineers.  BTS have the longest serving and most experienced studio and transmission engineering staff in Ireland, our senior engineers, Mike, Sean, John, and Tony between them have over 70 years of hands-on broadcast engineering experience in all fields from Studio to Transmission Networks. 

Our engineering team is just that, a team who have worked together to deliver the highest level of professional technical excellence standards drawing upon their diverse broadcast engineering backgrounds.  Through the years of experience accumulated in the Radio Broadcast Industry, BTS has amassed a wealth of technical know-how resulting in BTS today being a modern company with highly developed technology in continuous expansion with innovative approaches to providing the best and most cost effective engineering solutions for our clients. 

In addition, BTS is the only Irish Radio Broadcast Engineering company to own and operate two satellite O/B vehicles, which are contracted at weekends to broadcast the Live Mass and COI Services for RTE Radio One Extra, each week broadcasting from a different church location all over Ireland.  During the week our satellite vehicles are made available to local radio broadcasters to facilitate live O/B’s from locations that would otherwise not be possible around Ireland.

BTS have also worked outside of Ireland, building two national radio stations in Jordan in the Middle East, designing studios, transmission, satellite connectivity and installing the FM transmission equipment at sites across Jordan. Currently, we are working as engineering consultants on FM transmission projects in Asia and we are also developing community and regional radio station projects in West Africa.

By exploiting the experience gained during the past two decades in Broadcast Telecommunications, BTS is able to develop consulting services and packages based on customers’ specific needs.  The main area of competence concerns the broadcast sector in which BTS is capable of providing engineering support and consulting in every phase of development: from site and frequency plans to the implementation and commissioning of broadcasting and production facilities, satellite networks and infrastructures.  Starting from customers’ demands and expectations, BTS offers flexible training formats, designed to ensure a complete transfer of knowledge and skills in order to use the services and products acquired.