Studio Design, Install And Maintenance



Studio Design

From Coordinated Studio and office space consultancy to full blown CAD Blueprints we are expert in providing for all aspects design and planning. We specialize in providing fully compliant studio space in challenging locations. When planning for the future, be sure to include us.





For clients all across the country, and now across the globe, we have been the only logical choice of studio installer. Not least for the high quality of finish, often exceeding all industry standards but also extras included in our builds. Like allocating surplus capacity for future expansion, or our comprehensive after sales service. Let BTS make the connection for you.

Software Development

When off the shelf software isn’t perfect for you we won’t try to force it to fit. Instead we have dedicated software developers on hand to custom design software solutions for you. For example our On Air Red light displays can also tell you the time, let you know a call is coming in and also keep an eye on your security camera. At last software that does exactly what you want.



Almost a forgotten art in our ‘disposable society’, we haven’t lost sight of the value of your equipment. Repair and Servicing has been a cornerstone of BTS

Studio Equipment

It’s hard to keep track of all the advances in technology that have swept through Broadcasting since BTS started supporting the industry. Rest assured we can advise you in all areas of equipment choice and provide you very best match for your requirements.





Special Projects

We thrive on challenges, you wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve been asked to do. And we’d like to think that it’s because of our positive approach and ability to find solutions that clients keep on asking. Find out how we can make it work for you.