Spin Jordan


Rolling out a new Radio Station always presents challenges. These multiply when you are talking about a  pseudo National and double again when you start talking about two completely separate Services. Now imagine that instead of installing all this in your own ‘back yard’ you are crossing Continents to do the work. This is what we were asked to do by the corporate owners of two new commercial franchises in Jordan.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we took stock of the scale of the work and made an expeditionary trip to confirm the feasibility of the new network. Working closely with the State Broadcasters – JTV – we were able to provide a fully redundant Satellite Distribution Network for the Music based Spin Jordan and full service Ayyam Stations.

Carefully planned delivery and role out schedules meant that we were able to deliver and commission all the first phase transmission services, together with tying in the construction and commissioning of the Amman based Studio complex in a single visit. A second coordinated visit saw the completion of the network, whilst retaining capacity for further expansion. We continued to advise and support long after the November 2008 Launch of the Stations.

We managed this colossal feat within a 16 week timeframe and very much within our projected budget. Yes we had some hurdles to cross along the way but nothing that was not easily within the scope of our combined knowledge and experience. It was a tremendous team effort that helped broaden our technical and cultural horizons, and has seen us expand to the point today where we are actively pursuing projects in the Far East and Africa.