IP / ISDN Codecs

We’ve been Irelands’ first port of call for audio CODECs since the days of modem based Comrex Hotlines and the introduction of ISDN. Working with suppliers like Telos, Musicam and Glensound we quickly identified the star performers in each category and introduced them to our clients.

Taking the first generation Telos Zephyr for example, we supply the units for sale or hire, and we offer first line service and updating the units as required. BTS became the ‘Go To Guys” for troubleshooting ISDN problems and worked closely with Telecoms suppliers both at home and abroad.

Never ones to let technology outpace us we have forged links with cutting edge manufacturers which meant by 2007 we were rolling out a Network of IP Codecs robust enough to provide National Coverage via Satellite.

Today we can provide solutions for all connection types and all budgets. More importantly we can advise you of the systems that work in the real world. From asset sharing over 3G and fibre connected IP, back to the basic Eircom phone line.  From Multi Hop Studio to Transmitter Links and National Networks, to commentary from a college football game, we have the perfect solution for you.