TelcomTelephone Hybrid


Passive Version € 265.00 + vat

Active Version € 320.00 + vat




Telcom     active telephone hybrid

If you need a simple portable telephone Hybrid, the TELCOM is the answer.
It is small, can be mounted in a 19" rack (with an extra blind panel) and the telephone line powers the unit.
So no dead batteries anymore. It can be connected to any mixing console by way of its Cinch or jack connectors on the back and to the telephone appliance and wall connector by its standard RJ 11 connectors. It provides you with balanced automatic line compensation to achieve optimum audio quality.


What is a Telephone hybrid?

Telephone hybrids provide the interface between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network.

They provide protection for your equipment and the public telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and line conditions. Automatically cancelling out the unwanted signal they also facilitate two-way communication down a single telephone line.

Each hybrid has a telephone line connection, a handset connection and separate connectors for audio input and output from a broadcast mixer, or other professional audio source.

A large proportion of D&R hybrids are used in radio and television broadcasting applications allowing external callers to be connected to the studio mixing console.

Most of the other units are supplied to communication operations allowing extremely effective conversion between 4-wire audio circuits and standard telephone lines.

The Telcom Hybrid does not need external power and can be used anywhere, powered from the telephone line, it also has an internal compressor that compensates for line level differences



Connectors                                            : Jack stereo 6.3mm and Cinch connectors
Input impedance                                    : 5kOhm (transformer balanced)
Output level                                           : -40 up to +6 dBu
Output impedance                                 : 2kOhm (transformer balanced)
Noise on Receive output                       : less than -82dB (A weighted) 

Power supply                                         : Powered by telephone line
Dimensions                                           : Front 240x44mm, Depth 110mm
Weight                                                    : 725grams 

Connector                                             : RJ11
Nominal input level                              : -6dBu
Nominal output level                            : -6dBu
Compensation Mode                             : fully electronic
Impedance                                            : 600 Ohm



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